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Window Cleanser Features

Clear web form auto complete data
This deletes all of the saved internet explorer form data stored in Windows. When you go to a web site and fill out a form, Internet Explorer will often remember what you have typed into similar fields, and offer to automatically complete what you are typing. This can often include your login name and password for many websites, as well as credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.

Delete cookies
Completely clears out all of the cookies on your system. Also allows you to specify cookies that you would like to always leave untouched.
Delete downloaded program files
Deletes program files downloaded by your web browser, such as Active X controls thaty may be considered as spyware on your computer.
Clear Internet Cache
Clears out your Internet Explorer cache, which stores copies of web pages you have visited, including graphic files from web sites and much more. This not only helps protect your privacy, but also helps recover huge amounts of disk space on your computer.
Clear Media Player recent file list
If you use Media player, this will clear out the recently played songs and video lists.
Clear Microsoft Office tracks
If you use Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Access, Window Cleanser will dlete the listings of most recently opened documents.
Clear NetMeeting recent call list
If you use NetMeeting, this will clean out the list of the most recent calls you have made.
  Clear Typed URLS
This will clear the list of web sites you have physically tped into Internet Explorer. This is the list that shows when you click the down arrow on the url address bar.
Clear recent document list
This clears the contents of recently opened documents that is normally found under the Start Bar|My Recent Documents
Clear Recycle Bin
This will permanently delete everything contained in yoour Recycle Bin.
Clear Search History
Clears recently used search terms that show up when you search for files in Microsoft Explorer.
Clear Temporary Files
Deletes all files from your WIndows TEMP files directory.
Clear URL history
Clears out your complete URL history. This is a listing of every web page you have recently visited.
Clear application run history
Clears the history list found in the RUN option from the Windows Start menu.
Create Custom Actions
Besides all of the defualt cleaning mentioned above, you can easily extend the cleaning functionality by adding your own custom instructions. Clean tracks and delete files for other programs you use that are not directly supported by Window Cleanser.

Secure Deleting of Files
Securely delete files so they cannot be recovered, using the Department of Defense DOD 5220.22-M standard.

Download FREE Plugins
Window Cleanser offers many FREE plugins that extend the functionality, allowing you to clean other programs. The plugin download interface is a snap to us. Simply double-click on a plugin you like, and it automatically downloads and installs itself.

Automatic Scheduler
Allows you to specify regular intervals during which Window Cleanser will automatically clean your system based on your selections.

Run in Stealth
Features that allow you to control the progress bar, visible statistcs and much more, so that the program des not appear to be cleaning to a casual onlooker.
Start Cleaning when you start your computer or every time you shut down.
So that you can make sure it is always wiping your tracks clean every time you leave your computer.
Supports multiple users and fast user switching under WIndows XP.

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