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ServiceTraq™ Pricing (Hosted)
(for 1 to 100 CSRs)

Pricing is based on a combination of the number of CSR and administrator accounts you need. Each license includes an unlimited number of customer accounts, but there are quotas on disk space, actions per month. If you require more disk space or actions than the selected number of CSRs would allow, simply get a license that allows more CSRs. Please select the number you desire below:

Number of CSRs and Administrators:
See dedicated option for 100+ CSRs
CSR/Admins Disk Space   Actions*
1 5mb   20000
Setup Fee $200
Monthly ($79.99 per CSR/Admin) $79.99
Discount if paid annually: 15% of annual fee
Cost per year, paid annually: $815.90
Yearly savings if paid annually: $143.98

Disk Space:
Disk Space is calculated by space used in the knowledge base, customer database, and case history. You have control over how much is kept, giving you the ability to regain space by purging older data.

A monthly quota. An action fires each time the system must perform a query for your account. This could include page views, emails sent, knowledge base searches, etc. Therefore, if end users generated 5,000 page views in a month, which caused 1,000 emails to be sent, and CSRs generated 2,500 views per month, you will have generated 8,500 actions.

About the quotas:
ServiceTraq hosted servers host databases for a number of customers. In order to maximize performance, we have set maximums that we will allow on a single server. The:se maximums take into account the amount processing power, the number of users, disk space, and the number of hits per day, and ServiceTraq is priced accordingly. Therefore, if you don't need additional CSRs, but need more disk space, you should purchase additional CSR licenses to achieve the quota you require.

What happens when you exceed your quota
ServiceTraq has many built-in warnings that will let you know when you are getting close to exceeding a quota. Still, we understand that quite a bit can happen in a short period of time. ServiceTraq will never automatically shut your account off after having exceeded the quota. Instead, once you have exceeded, and have not brought your account within limits, we will contact you. If we are unable to contact you for a period of time, your account will be limited to end user access until the account is brought back in good standing. This is to make sure your customers are never locked out.

How end user abuse is dealt with
Considering that there is a quota in the system, we have created abuse detection, which will automatically block access for any user that has caused excessive actions to be fired in a day. For example, if a user automatically runs queries several thousand times, his account will be blocked.

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