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An Open Design

It is impossible to make a 'one size fits all' CRM application, so we designed ServiceTraq to allow for a wide variety of implementations.

When you first log into the ServiceTraq administrator, you will quickly find that almost everything can be customized to fit your company needs:

Site / E-Mail Messages/Terminology
Nearly all site messages and e-mail alerts can be completely customized to meet the needs of your company. This allows the automated communication provided by ServiceTraq to fit within your policies, and convey expectations you want your customers to have.

Each message allows for appropriate 'placeholders' that you can use to insert dynamic data into the messages.


Colors and Graphics
ServiceTraq allows you to almost completely customize the colors, font properties, icons and other graphics used in the system, allowing you to convey your brand identity and match the look and feel of your own website.


Fields and Data requirements
Companies that want to get customers in and out quickly can set ServiceTraq up with minimal requirements (an e-mail address and password). On the other hand, you can create lengthily requirements for customer accounts, case creation, etc. ServiceTraq is wide open, allowing you to use it the way you want, instead of the way the designers thought it would be used.


Access Permissions
Access permissions can be set on a user by user bases, or based on permission groups. Nearly every feature is controlled by access permissions. For example, you may set up a 'priority customer' group, which allows access to live chat 24 x 7, while other customers don't have chat available at all, or are restricted to certain hours of certain days. Perhaps you only want certain CSRs to have access to modify the knowledge base or close cases. However you want it, ServiceTraq's flexible permissions system gives you the power.


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