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Management Benefits

The Administrator(s) of a ServiceTraq site will experience a new sense of understanding. They will, at any time, be able to measure the satisfaction of their customers, the efficiency of their CSRs, the service costs for individual products and services, and much more.

And the most efficient CSR wins...
...or keeps his job. As an example of Administrator reporting capabilities on CSR effectiveness, you can run reports that show which CSRs spend the greatest idle time. Which work the most in the system. Which have the most open cases. Which have the highest open to closed case ratios. Which have the highest customer satisfaction ratings, which handle the most cases in the least amount of time. Which are naughty, and which are nice.



Is there problem product?
Just about every company has a product that seems to cost more to service than it is worth, but how does one gauge it? Administrators can generate reports that tell them. You may find that 490 customers spent a total of 120 hours getting help on Product A, while the same number spent only 6 hours on product B this month. At the same time, you can see that Product A resulted in 20 hours of CSR time, while Product B only cost 40 minutes of CSR time.



The cost of a customer
Would you like to know who your top 10 most serviced customers are? Who spends the most time seeking help, who occupies the most CSR time, who has the most cases open, who has opened the most cases...



Permission Granted
Just about every action in ServiceTraq is permissions based. This allows administrators to create access groups, assign individual rights, etc. You may decide that only certain customers have access to Live Chat, for example. Or you may limit CSR permissions.



Hours of Operation
You may choose to set hours and days of operation for chat, for example. So users with one access level get chat from 8AM to 10AM each day, while another access level gets chat access all day, and yet another never gets chat access. You can even set specific hours for holidays.



Message of the day
There are many info screens in ServiceTraq that you have complete control over, including message of the day on both the customer side and CSR side. These areas allow full HTML input, so you can include portions of your existing website, or simply type in your message.



Look and Feel
You can brand ServiceTraq to your own company image. Change colors, icons, the top title bar display, etc.


Survey Builder
Create as many service categories as you like, attach separate questionnaires to each, build it in any way you like. Make general surveys, exit surveys, etc.

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