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ServiceTraq™ Messaging

Chances are, you are currently using e-mail to provide customer service right now. If you are well organized, you may have a crm application in place that handles inbound e-mail processing and routing. For all intents and purposes, traditional POP e-mail is an efficient channel for customer service and support. However, it has severe drawbacks. ServiceTraq messaging is designed to provide all of the benefits of e-mail service, without the drawbacks.


  The problems with E-Mail:
The points between To: and From: are unknown
How many times have you heard someone say they never received your e-mail? The simple fact is that between the sender and the recipient exist a number of other points in which the mail can get lost in cyberspace. It happens all the time, and when a customer hears you say it, it is as easy to believe as 'the check is in the mail'.
E-Mail gets overlooked
How many times have you had to search for an e-mail? How many times have you sent mail to someone, but they didn't notice it among all of the junk mail they received? With all of the spam people receive; it is common that important mails often get lost in the shuffle.
E-Mail gets filtered
More and more people run anti-spam filters on their incoming e-mail. Furthermore, many ISPs run anti-spam filters on the server itself. Spam filters are not perfect, and they could very easily tag your e-mail as spam... by accident. But from the customer's perspective, you are simply unresponsive.

E-Mail is uncontrolled
A typical problem with E-Mail service is that you cannot control the flow of information. This often causes several e-mails to go back and forth before you have the information necessary to even begin helping the customer. The customer is invariably frustrated.


If you are not running e-mail routing software for your CSRs, you are certainly aware of the headaches caused by the inability to manage inbound requests. Cases don't necessarily go to the appropriate CSR, customers encounter confusion when other CSRs are not familiar with their issues, transferring cases is all but impossible, and every time a customer needs help, it feels like first contact.

If you are running e-mail routing/crm software, you may feel as though inbound requests are handled efficiently, but keep one thing in mind: Your CSRs may have instant case history at their disposal, but your customers don't. So, in reality, you only have half a solution... And it is likely costing far more than ServiceTraq's complete solution.


The ServiceTraq Messaging Solution:
ServiceTraq almost completely does away with E-Mail. When a customer escalates his issue to the point that he wants to send a request for help, instead of sending an e-mail to, he clicks a button.

The customer is presented with a tree of products, services, topics... whatever you define. He selects the appropriate option, and is presented with a questionnaire appropriate to his selection (you can define a different set of questions for each product/service/topic).


He answers any questions you present, followed by a freeform text entry (which would normally be the body of his message).


A new case is created. The customer sees a case number on the screen, along with any notice you wish to display. A confirmation e-mail is sent to the customer, and the case details are stored in the ServiceTraq database.


The moment the case is created, it is routed to an appropriate CSR, who will see all of the details on his screen. He can type a response, select from pre-defined macro responses, or pull a response from the knowledge base. His response is logged in the database, which appears with the original question in a private message thread, which is only visible to the customer and the CSR (and management).


The moment the CSR responds, notification e-mail is sent to the customer. This e-mail does not contain the CSR's response. Instead, it tells the customer that his case has new activity, providing him with a link directly to his case. He clicks the link, and sees the response. This helps keep all communications in one central location, and makes your website more sticky.

• At any time, the customer can log in to ServiceTraq and check for responses... whether or not he responded to the e-mail notification.

When the customer views the response, he can post a follow-up question or comment to the private thread, or close his case if the question was answered.







When a case is closed:
If the customer closes a case, he may be presented with an exit survey the moment it is closed. This is the perfect time to find out how you did! The survey is private, and the results can only be accessed by an operator with administrator access. Over time, reports can be generated that pinpoint weak CSRs, problem products, and overall customer satisfaction.

If the administrator allows CSRs to close cases, and the customer is not logged into ServiceTraq when his case is closed, an e-mail is instantly sent to the customer. This e-mail serves two purposes:

It confirms with the customer that the case was appropriately closed.


It provides a link, encouraging the customer to take the exit survey.


Closing zero-activity open cases:
If nobody closes a case, several reminder thresholds kick in. At 7 days of no activity, a reminder e-mail is sent to the customer. At 14 days another is sent. Finally, at 21 days, a third e-mail is sent, notifying the customer that the case was closed due to inactivity, inviting him to reopen the case at any time he desires.


Happy Customer.
Every bit of ServiceTraq messaging is designed to create happy customers, while minimizing your resource consumption in the process.

The simple truth is that most companies do care about their customers, but they are just too disorganized or overburdened to show it.

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