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Case Messaging


Typical Case Detail Screen(Customer View).
All communication between the CSR and the customer is available for viewing to both through a private message thread. The thread will show case messages (similar to e-mail), logs of phone conversations, as well as chat sessions, with a complete log of the chat. If the customer's issue has been addressed, he has the option to close the case on the spot, which will then bring him to an exit survey, if enabled.

Case Load (CSR View)
This screen is home for the CSR. It will show any cases that require attention, as well as status of customers online, CSRs online, current chat request, etc. Each time a customer adds a message to a case, it becomes active for the CSRs and shows up here. When a CSR responds, it is taken off the active list. Products and services can be associated with specific CSRs, so that only cases in a specific CSRs area of expertise will show up on his case load screen.


Typical Case Detail Screen (CSR View).
The CSR Case detail screen is nearly identical to that of the Customer, except that the CSR has an Active-X message box, allowing him to make use of message macros and other CSR-related actions.


Survey Details and Stats (CSR View).
When the CSR clicks on 'View additional Case Details' in a case screen, any responses to the case survey are displayed, as well as some key statistics related to it. Note that another button becomes available, allowing the CSR to see more customer statistics, as well as details for any other cases the customer has created.


Easy Researching (CSR View).
Case detail is always shown in a separate screen, allowing the CSR to perform many tasks related to the case, such as knowledge base searches, chats, or the handling of multiple cases.


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