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Knowledge Base Management

Self-Service solutions are key to reducing service workload. A powerful and effective knowledge base can significantly reduce caseload, while taking almost no resources to implement and manage. It is a 24x7 solution that can often answer a customer's questions before they ask them.... and that is customer service.

Customer Service Reps (CSRs) only need to handle inquiries that actually require human interaction, causing a significant reduction in caseload and associated service costs.

ServiceTraq delivers a sophisticated and intelligent knowledge base solution out of the gate:

ServiceTraq's knowledge base is intelligent. Every time a search is performed, ServiceTraq analyzes customer behavior on the results to see which articles tend to get the most attention. ServiceTraq further encourages customers to rate the effectiveness of each article once it has been viewed. The combination of the ratings, behavior analysis and keyword terms allow ServiceTraq to deliver more effective search results. The more the knowledge base is used, the more effective the results become.


Article Subscription.
Customers can subscribe to knowledge base articles, allowing them to receive instant e-mail notification any time a specific article is modified. This allows a knowledge base to go far beyond the traditional scope. For example, a company might create an article dedicated to current employment opportunities, allowing people to be automatically notified whenever a new job opening comes up. More importantly, it allows increased mind share for your company among your customers with no extra effort on your part.


Article Forwarding.
ServiceTraq encourages customers to send articles to friends and associates. A simple click of a link on every article will send an e-mail with a brief description of the article. Instead of sending the full article in the e-mail, the forwarded gets a link, which brings them directly to your website to view the entire article.


Article Permissions.
ServiceTraq allows you to designate the intended audience for each article. This allows you to create articles intended for CSRs only, and public articles... in the same database.


Simple Escalation.
While an effective knowledge base can help boost customer satisfaction, it can backfire if it is perceived as the only simple way to get service. Customers need to know that they can get a real person if they need one. For this very reason, ServiceTraq is designed to guide customers to humans (either through messaging, chat, and/or phone) when they cannot get their answers from the knowledge base. It is made clear that the knowledge base is a tool, while real humans are available.


Shared on the Front and Back End.
The knowledge base is designed to be used by both Customers AND CSRs. The same knowledge base is presented in a different manner for each (for ease of use), however the articles are shared. This allows a CSR to point customers to the same resources they use themselves.

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