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Site Customization

ServiceTraq allows you to customize almost everything. The following screenshots show you just a few of the properties that can be changed for your unique implementation.


E-mail Alert Messages
The system will generate various e-mail, such as case activity notices, new account confirmations, warning messages, follow-ups, etc. Each of these can be edited to suit your needs. When appropriate, variables are made available to insert into the messages.

On-Screen Site Messages
We understand that you will have your own terminology that will make the most sense to both you and your customers, so ServiceTraq allows you to change many of the on-screen messages. Much like the e-mail alert messages, you will also be able to insert variables where appropriate.


Header Graphics and Icons.
The header graphics and all of the system icons can be switched out for your site. Imply make your own, and link to them from the ServiceTraq Administrator.


Colors and Fonts.
To sum it up, you can completely change all of the colors and fonts for your ServiceTraq implementation by using the custom stylesheet editor.


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