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Customer Benefits

Totally satisfied customers are six times more likely to repurchase a company's products over a span of one to two years than are merely satisfied customers.

Great Service.
Good service will satisfy a customer, but great service will totally satisfy a customer. ServiceTraq encourages great service.

How many times have you contacted a company for assistance, spent half an hour, and gotten nowhere? And how many times have you contacted that company a second or third time, each time having to start over from scratch, because you got a different CSR, or the CSR doesn't remember your case?

Did you think the company provided poor service? Did you feel that they didn't care about you? Were you more likely to do business with their competition as a result? Of course.

The reality is that the company probably did care, and did not want to lose your business. Perhaps you got a bad CSR. Perhaps the company lacked the right tools to help you efficiently. Perhaps they were overloaded. Perhaps they just didn't know their service was upsetting customers. Still, you are upset, and they have probably lost you as a customer... and thousands of others.

Here is how ServiceTraq can make sure that company doesn't lose you next time:



Most customers will be happier if they can go to your website and find their answers quickly on their own. It takes less time, they feel empowered, and they see that you have spent the time to make life easy for them. When they find their answer, they get the sense that you understand their needs. ServiceTraq's knowledge base gives them just that. Furthermore, it empowers the customer with the ability to give you feedback on your answers. They can rate each article, subscribe to updates, forward copies of it, and more. It is not just an answer, it is a living answer.

Not only have you made a customer happy, but you will have drastically reduced your workload. Statistics show that an effective knowledge base can reduce a call center's load by up to 90%. So you have pleased the customer and reduced your workload.



Case Tracking & Transfer
All customer interaction is logged and easily tracked. When the customer calls a second time, and speaks with a different CSR, all interaction is right there on the screen. There is no more repetition.



An empowered customer
With traditional crm software, a CSR may be able to track customer interaction history, but the customer cannot. ServiceTraq further empowers the customer with the ability to actually see his own case progress. For example, if the customer makes a phone call to customer service, he can immediately log in to ServiceTraq and see a log of the conversation with a CSR. It is specifically designed to keep the customer in the loop, so that he truly feels that you are working with him.



More Channels = More satisfaction
When a customer interacts with ServiceTraq, he has any combination of four channels (depending on which you offer). They include Knowledge base, Messaging, and Live chat... in addition to traditional telephone service. Consider that one customer may prefer to help himself, while another may prefer chat. Yet another may prefer messaging. In any case, you offer enough service channels to give them what they want.



No Lost E-mail
ServiceTraq's messaging is web and database driven, not e-mail based. This means that you no longer have the risk of lost e-mail messages, which the customer typically would have believed was a lack of response. Note that E-mail is used to support messaging. ServiceTraq sends e-mail confirmations and reminders to bring the customer back to ServiceTraq.



Friendly Reminders and Follow-ups
At critical stages of your service relationship, ServiceTraq can send reminder and follow-up e-mail to your customers. For example, cases that have not closed are not assumed to be taken care of. If there is no activity on an open case, reminder e-mail are automatically sent out to make sure no customer falls through the cracks.



Channels to complain... or congratulate.
What better way to show customers you care than to ask them how your service is the moment after you have provided it? ServiceTraq's Exit Surveys do just that. You can get your customer's input at the most critical stage of your relationship... and by getting that input, you show that it is important to you.



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