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Selected CSR Screens


CSR Home
On the CSR home page, CSR to CSR mail can be accessed, Company message of the day is viewed, and all basic caseload data is shown.

Case Load (CSR View)
When the CSR clicks on the CASES button, all active cases that are pending a CSR response are displayed. Only those cases for which the CSR has access will be shown.


CSR Knowledge Base.
When a CSR does a knowledge base search, results are displayed from the same database the customers have access to, plus a CSR only knowledge base that may contain information you don;t want in the public. If the CSR is granted access to add and/or edit knowledge base articles, those additional options will show where appropriate.


Advanced Case Search.
As the ServiceTraq database grows, finding past cases can require some unique searching. The advanced search allows for a variety of search methods.


Easy Researching (CSR View).
When a CSR needs to do a customer lookup, the search page offers many options, including a Soundex (Sounds like the word being typed) search. When user records are pulled up, information needed to confirm the correct customer is displayed, with various links to customer detail and cases.


CSR Detail.
CSRs can get contact info on other CSRs. CSRs also have the ability to save their own 'Message of the day' for other CSRs to view.


Customer Detail.
When a customer is online, a CSR can simply click on their name to get details. The same screen is displayed in the customer search results and case details screen. This allows quick access to customer info, case listings, etc. For example, if a customer calls you, a quick search can allow you to pull up the details screen, where you can scan cases, add new cases, change customer info, etc.


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