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CSR Benefits

A CSR (Customer Service Representative) benefits from ServiceTraq through increased efficiency, integration of channels, and the ability to keep customers in check without awkward disputes.

The ServiceTraq CSR console is designed to give CSRs an overall view of what is happening at any time. Pending issues are displayed in order of priority, and getting to customer or case data is very quick and easy.

When the customer creates a case, the mundane questions are handled automatically by the system, saving as much as 15 to 20 minutes of CSR time per case.

Case history (messages, phone logs, chat logs, etc.) is all saved to the case record (tied to the customer), and ordered chronologically, so it is very easy to review.

When cases are transferred to new CSRs, or another CSR must borrow a case, the second CSR can come up to speed very quickly with no repetition.

The intelligent knowledge base helps filter out many service requests that would otherwise take up CSR time.

Cases are routed to CSRs by their area of expertise; ending wasted time by analyzing and transferring unrelated cases.

Messaging is handled internally, so no time is wasted hunting down e-mail, or trying to organize lines of communication.

Chat allows for collaborative web browsing, so instead of CSRs wasting time trying to describe web page locations and contents, he simply takes the customer there.... and shows him.



By integrating into a single system, CSR's can easily work from just about anywhere. With an Internet connection and a web browser, just about anything can be done.



ServiceTraq beautifully integrates case data for messaging, chat, knowledge base and phone transactions. The CSR doesn't have different applications for each channel, which often causes an organizational problem. Everything is integrated, and everything feeds off of everything else.



The customer is always right.
Well, this is certainly true when it comes to providing good customer service. However, there is always a handful of customers that will take advantage of you when they get the chance.

ServiceTraq's open-case design shows all past case interaction to both the CSR and the customer. This helps keep people from falsely claiming you offered something six months ago. It further helps keep false complaints of poor service from occurring, as the quality of service evidence is available for both the customer and the CSR (and management, of course) to see.

Furthermore, people cannot claim the 'e-mail was lost', or 'but I sent you 25 service requests' claims that they can with traditional systems.

The fact remains that with traditional service, the e-mail does sometimes get lost, and people do fall through the cracks... and some only claim so. The problem is that it is nearly impossible to differentiate the two.

ServiceTraq takes care of the vast majority of these worries, making the CSRs life that much easier.



Side Effects
ServiceTraq does offer to make a CSR's life much easier, while increasing efficiency drastically. As a result, while making your CSRs all the more efficient, you are likely to find out that you have too many CSRs working for you. In fact, ServiceTraq will help the administrator know which CSRs don't pull their weight.



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