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Compare to other CRM solutions

There is certainly no shortage of CRM/Service solutions on the market today, however there are very few of ServiceTraq's caliber. That considered, combined with the ServiceTraq pricing model make it the best all around solution available.

A fully integrated solution
Many companies offer CRM solutions that offer little more than a small piece of the puzzle. Most CRM companies only offer one key component that you will find in ServiceTraq, such as chat, knowledge base, messaging or survey management. Instead, ServiceTraq is a complete system that not only offers each of these features (and more), but completely integrates them. For example, wouldn't you like chat sessions, phone notes and e-mail to be managed through a central case management system? ServiceTraq does this transparently.



Pricing that lifts the CRM barrier
Until now, full-featured Customer Relationship Management has had a barrier of entry that excluded all but the largest corporations from participating. Systems comparable to ServiceTraq typically come with a minimum investment of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. ServiceTraq's unique pricing model, in combination with its ability to scale design allow it to be an extremely attractive solution for SOHO, SME and even the Enterprise.



Quick Deployment
Unlike most comparable offerings which take weeks or even months to deploy, ServiceTraq can be up and running in a matter of hours. Even with complex implementations, the concept of months to deploy can easily translate to days.



No Coding Required
Most offerings comparable to ServiceTraq require a tremendous amount of behind the scenes coding for implementation, sometimes requiring dedicated teams just to run the system. ServiceTraq is ready to go upon sign-up, requiring no coding on your part.



No Software or dedicated hardware
If you opt for the hosted version of ServiceTraq (for companies with 100 or fewer CSRs), you have no need for dedicated hardware, nor is there any hassle with software upgrades. Each time the ServiceTraq software is upgraded, your entire company will instantly benefit from it.



Best of COMDEX 2001 - Best eBusiness product
Competing against many of the biggest and best known names in the CRM space, ServiceTraq was awarded the Best of COMDEX award while it was in the early stages of beta testing. The reason for this was clear -- It was the only product that offered as much as it did with such an aggressive pricing model... with such a complete approach to e.crm.



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Compare with other CRM


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Winner - Best eBusiness Product
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