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ServiceTraq™ Chat / Collaboration

There is nothing like the human touch when it comes to building strong customer relationships.

ServiceTraq offers a full-featured live chat with online web collaboration as an alternative to messaging.


The Process:
When a customer elects to initiate a chat session, he is presented with a list of any active cases he has open. If the subject of his chat relates to an active case, he simply clicks on the case and the chat request is sent. If, on the other hand, this relates to a new issue or question, the customer is guided through the same questions as in messaging. He selects the product/service/issue this chat relates to, and answers any survey questions you with to present, based on the selection he made.

Chat requests are automatically displayed on the screens of CSRs that are proficient in the subject matter selected by the customer. When a CSR decided to respond to the chat request, he is presented with customer details, and answers to any of the survey questions presented.

In any case, the formalities have been taken care of before the CSR takes the case. He doesn't have to spend precious time getting fundamental details... he can begin helping out of the gate.

For example, a software company might choose to present a survey that gets the customers operating system, CPU, amount of memory, software version, license information, etc. before opening the chat session. They may further ask basic questions like 'Did you try running the software with all applications closed'? All questions that might otherwise occupy fifteen to twenty minutes of the CSR's time... for each transaction.

When the chat session is opened, the CSR has answers to all of the basic questions already, allowing him to get to the heart of the matter, or even open the chat with the answer prepared.


Everything is saved
Just like messaging; all chat sessions are saved to the database in real-time. When a chat session ends, an entry is made into the case thread. At any time, the customer, the csr, or an administrator can view the thread, and click on a link to open the complete chat log.

Furthermore, if a connection is lost without formally closing the chat, when the chat is reinitiated, the contents of the chat are reloaded into the chat window.

Collaborative Web Browsing
The ServiceTraq chat solution is much more than just chat. A web browser is embedded into the chat windows of both customer and CSR. A CSR can, at any time control the customer's web browser window, causing him to see exactly what the CSR sees. Then can even fill out forms in collaboration. The CSR can further send links to the customer, or even force a new web browser to open on the customer's computer with a predefined page.


Chat Macros
Yet another timesaving feature... ServiceTraq allows two levels of macros: Company and CSR. Inside the chat window, the CSR can, at any time, click on a macro and send it as a message into the chat. This way, if the CSR often finds himself repeating the same lines, he can save valuable typing time.


Be a Big Brother
For the sake of quality assurance, Administrators can view a list of all chat sessions in progress at any given time. They have the ability to jump in and out of chat sessions invisibly, allowing them to monitor sessions without making their presence known.


Everything is connected
A chat session is part of a case. A phone transaction is part of a case. E-messaging is part of a case. Therefore, any time the customer or CSR views case history, each transaction is displayed in a thread, sorted by the time of transaction. It acts much like a threaded message, except it can include various types of transactions.


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