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ServiceTraq™ Case Surveys

When a customer chooses to ask a question in messaging, or initiate a chat, you may attach a Case Survey, causing them to be guided through a series of questions before the case is initiated. This allows you to gather important information from a customer before any human interaction, saving precious time and resources. Case Surveys make up the core of the case they are linked to.

The Survey builder gives you a tremendous amount of room to design questions just about any way you want. The case survey design allows you to make completely different questions for each product or service you use Servicetraq for, allowing you to get exactly the information you need for every case, regardless of which product or service a customer needs assistance with.

Case Survey Reporting
Case Surveys are connected to ServiceTraq's reporting system, allowing you to get valuable data from your customer base. For example, you might ask what screen resolution a customer uses in your surveys. Using this example, case reporting might allow you to identify that 97% of the customers that have had problems with a specific product are running a screen resolution of 1024 x 768.

Not every case requires a survey
The Product/Service builder allows you to handle service request in several ways. When the customer seeks help, they are presented with a list of your products or services. Clicking on one would normally connect them with a case survey for that product, however, you may not always want the system to open a case in such situations. You can choose for a selection to connect the user to a case survey (thereby opening a case), or to redirect to a web page on your site. This option is available because sometimes when a customer drills down to a specific product/service issue, there can only be one answer, so there is no point in initiating a case. For example, The following selection may exist:

----- MegaWidget 2000
--------- My widget won't work

--------- I would like RMA instructions <<<<<
--------- I need help installing the widget

If the customer selects the 'I would like RMA instructions' option, there may not be much to say that would warrant the use of a CSR's valuable time. Instead, you may have a page (or knowledge base article) with detailed instructions on obtaining an RMA. In this case, you would setup a redirect that simply provides the answer on the fly.


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