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ServiceTraq™ Case Management

From the CSR's perspective, effective case management tools are the difference between wanting to provide good service, and actually doing so. Without the right tools at your disposal, your customer service channels can easily become more like damage control centers than customer service centers.

At every level, ServiceTraq's case management is designed with the following goals in mind:


Keep customers in the service loop as much as possible
Archive and organize all customer interaction and case history
Allow customers and CSRs to keep each other in check.
Tie all service channels (Knowledge base searches, Messaging, chat, phone interaction) into threaded cases.
Minimize response time.
Auto-assign case priorities where appropriate.
Auto-route case distribution where appropriate.
Facilitate simple case transfers with minimal learning curve.

Never allow customers to fall through the cracks.


ServiceTraq's customer service model departs from traditional service, where customers often feel like their information is hidden from them, or the CSR doesn't understand their needs. With ServiceTraq, there are very few fields accessible by the CSR, which are not available to the customer. The customer is kept completely in the loop, with full access to his own case history. His ability to keep the CSR in check shows that the company wants to provide the best possible service. After all, what better supervisor than the customer himself. If the CSR provides poor service, the customer has strong evidence.


On the other side of the coin, there is always a handful of customers that try to take advantage. The same open system that keeps the CSR in check will also keep the customer in check. How many times have we heard people say 'But you told me 3 months ago...'. If there are inaccurate statements, they are in the system for both the customer and CSR to see immediately.

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