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DeEnesse DNS Server Suite for Windows

DNS Servers are the guidance systems of the internet. Without them, you would be entering IP# for every 'net destination, and not domain names. Until now DNS servers have been among the most complicated services to run on a server. DeEnesse ( pronounced DNS ) brings traditional Windows ease of use to the management of a DNS server, plus so much more... New DNS Administrators will find DeEnesse a breeze to learn. Experienced DNS Administrators will wonder why something like this has taken so long to appear. One way or the other, we are sure you will be impressed with DeEnesse.

The Choice...

There are several choices for DNS servers out there, including BIND, Windows NT DNS, and several commercial flavors. All of them have two things in common:

  1. They are cryptic and difficult to use
  2. They are nothing more than DNS servers.

DeEnesse is not a DNS server. It is an integrated suite of tools designed for the simple management of a DNS server and tasks that relate to DNS. DeEnesse uses the Windows NT port of the BIND DNS Server, and masks out all of the near-impossible-to-comprehend configuration files.

No other product is designed in such a way that an administrator doesn't need to have a solid understanding of DNS in order to run their own server(s). We have created an interface that allows you to jump right in and get a server up and running in no time flat through the use of our intelligent wizards.

No other product organizes your DNS server's data in such a way that it allows you quickly and easily manage domains through easy to understand dialogs and wizards.... while doing comprehensive error checking to make sure you create valid entries.

No other product is packed with DNS related tools and utilities so that you can perform so many tasks without switching between applications, command prompts and configuration files.

No other product (except our own Nic O'Matic) has an interface that allows you to quickly and easily create and manage domain registrations with the Internic.

No other product allows you to setup default settings for just about everything so that you don't have to waste time entering redundant data over and over.

No other product was designed to save you tons of time through easy navigation, setup wizards, and an almost non-existent learning process.

Besides all of the unique features in functionality and ease of use, DeEnesse is priced at a fraction of commercial DNS servers.

Award winning software...

TUCOWS Head of the Herd:
DNS servers all over the Web are accessed millions of times each day. A DNS server links domain names such as "" to an IP address, making it easier so that you do not have to type in long numbers. Until now, it has always been a timely, and often long, drawn out task to set up your own DNS server. Cyberspace HQ has developed a program that makes it easier for beginners and advanced users alike to set up their own DNS server quickly and easily. This is why TUCOWS has branded Cyberspace HQ's DeEnesse with the Head of the Herd for the week of January 17, 1999.
It's not too often that you will find a DNS server that offers an "easy" setup process, and this is the main reason that the TUCOWS review staff was so impressed with the functionality and simplicity of DeEnesse. Among the normal features that are included with a DNS server, DeEnesse did not leave a single option to be desired. Included with the package is a built in PING tool, a traceroute utility, nameserver lookup, WHOIS, Domain Name Registration, and a finger tool, all of which employ a GUI (graphical User Interface). No more working from a command prompt and trying to figure out how to setup all of your options, because DeEnesse also includes a handful of wizards that walk you through nearly every setup process in order to get your own DNS server up and running. DeEnesse also includes a useful error checker that corrects errors when you make a typo.

3 out of 3 stars at Shareware Zone '98

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