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AddWeb™ Website Promoter Online Press Kit

AddWeb allows any web-enabled company to get the most value for their promotion dollar.... through effective search engine registration and positioning.

AddWeb is, without question, the most powerful software available for search engine promotion, boasting the followign feaures:

Web Page Analysis
AddWeb's Pag Advisor will analyze any web page, and generate a report that tells you how well-suited it is for high-ranking positions on search engines. The report it generates is comprehensive, letting you know everything you need to change to get th most effective positioning.

Consider that search engine positioning services charge thousands of dollars to povide the same advice that this feature provides. In fact, thousands of positioning and submission services are using AddWeb as a jey part of their consulting pracices.

Position-Boosting Page Editing
Oncde Page Advisor gives it's advice, there is no need to manually make all of the changes it suggests. AddWeb's PageBuilder feature will insert all of th position-boosting html code into your pages for you. It goes far beyond simple META Tags. PageBuilder can edit just about any web page element.

Submission to Thousands of Sites
AddWeb will automatically submit your website to thousands of search engines, directories, and link sites for you. It handls most major search engines, including Yahoo and DMOZ, as well as many smaller and international engines. If you want to submit your site to FFA link sites, AddWeb will do it. But for those that want to avoid the FFA sites, a single click will automatically disable all of them.

Live Web Traffic Analysis
AddWeb includes Cyberspace HQ's SiteStats LIVE service. SiteStats provides live analysis of your inbound web traffic, showing you hit statistics, user stats, even which keywords people are using on search engines o find your site.

Rank Tracking
When you are listed on the search engines, it is important to monitor your position. AddWeb's RankCheck does just that. It will check your position on major search engines, based on keywords that are important to you. It keeps statistics every time you check your position, allowing fo ery comprehensive trend reports.

Search Engine Friendly
AddWeb is the only product in the web promotion category that takes a strong stand against search engine spamming. AddWeb stores published submission rules and guidelines for each engine it supports, and will automatically skip any submisssion if you would be breaking any rules. These rules are based on frequency of submission, web content, and even nationality.


A little bit o' praise...

"A must for world dominators (or businesses just looking for better web exposure)."


"This program is a perfect addition to any webmaster's arsenal. [It] will assuredly get you a higher placement."


"AddWeb is a true gem"


AddWeb is the bomb! Our hits have doubled since we bought AddWeb!
-Bob Howard
Western Technologies Group


My Web Traffic has increased ten-fold. If one doesn't use this product, you are cheating yourself out of a more successful website.
-Jack McMorris
Zed Software



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