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AddWeb™ Website Promoter Online Press Kit

In 1996, Cyberspace HQ was primarily a BBS software company, with only a couple Windows titles.

As Cyberspace HQ transitioned into an 'internet software company', search engine visibility came a major concern. We spent a tremendous amount of time submitting our website to t search engines, but as more and more search engines appeared, it became increasingly difficult.

In mid 1997, we set out to make our lives a little easier, and wrote a simple utility that would automate our own submissions to search engines. When complete, we decided to call it AddWeb, stick a 1.0 tag on it, and sell it on our site.

It was a simple utility that merely submitted a website to a few hundred engines, and saved your data for future use. We expected that we might sell twenty or thirty a month.

Three months later, AddWeb was such a success, that we were looking to quadruple our office space (400 sq.ft. wasn't enough anymore). By then, it was obvious that AddWeb was going to be a huge hit. We developed a 2.0 release in 1998, which was significantly more polished and professional... and made that move... and started hiring.

In 1999, AddWeb 3.0 was released, and Cyberspace HQ had experienced more than 3,000% growth since AddWeb's initial release. It was time to hit the masses.

In early 2000, after a year of prep, AddWeb's retail release appeared nationwide. It quickly became one f the hottest selling Internet applications in the country.

In late 2000, Cyberspace HQ released AddWeb 4.0, which was miles ahead of other products, which were still trying to catch up with AddWeb 3.0.

Watch out for 5.0.... it is sure to be something special.

A little bit o' praise...

"A must for world dominators (or businesses just looking for better web exposure)."


"This program is a perfect addition to any webmaster's arsenal. [It] will assuredly get you a higher placement."


"AddWeb is a true gem"


AddWeb is the bomb! Our hits have doubled since we bought AddWeb!
-Bob Howard
Western Technologies Group


My Web Traffic has increased ten-fold. If one doesn't use this product, you are cheating yourself out of a more successful website.
-Jack McMorris
Zed Software



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