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AddWeb™ Website Promoter Online Press Kit

It is certainly an understatement to say that there are many products and services in the web promotion category, but when measuring AddWeb against other products, here are some things to consider:

AddWeb is the wise grandfather in the market
AddWeb has been maturing for more than five years. In those five years, the product has become more and more polished, making it by far the program with the most depth in the space. It is no huge challenge to rite a program that looks like AddWeb, but what is under the hood is what really counts. No other software can claim the success rate and speed of AddWeb's submission engine. No other software has the benefit of AddWeb's extensive Venom™ analysis database. And no other program can learn on the fly for maximum accuracy.

The truest form of flattery
As AddWeb has matured over the years, it has clearly become the standard to follow. All one needs to do is look around an see the AddWeb clones that have come to market. Our interface is copied, our buzzwords are copied, even our packaging has been copied.

It's #1... again.
AddWeb's retail edition was released to nationwide distribution in January 2000. It instantly oertook the competition (which was, of all things... an older version of AddWeb under license). Within months, the retail market saw no less than six competing products. Still, AddWeb outsold all of the competition combined during the year 2000. It went on to do the same in 2001. (Source: PCData/NPD Intellect)

There is a reason...
When comparing software in this space, you may find a product that submits, but doesn't rank... or one that generates statistics, but doesn't submit... Or one that analyzes your pages, but only sbmits to a few sites. AddWeb remains the only product that offers everything it does... making it the hands down most complete application in th space.

A little bit o' praise...

"A must for world dominators (or businesses just looking for better web exposure)."


"This program is a perfect addition to any webmaster's arsenal. [It] will assuredly get you a higher placement."


"AddWeb is a true gem"


AddWeb is the bomb! Our hits have doubled since we bought AddWeb!
-Bob Howard
Western Technologies Group


My Web Traffic has increased ten-fold. If one doesn't use this product, you are cheating yourself out of a more successful website.
-Jack McMorris
Zed Software



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