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AddWeb Product Line Version Lifecycle

As with all products, AddWeb Website Promoter has a lifecycle. Updates and Support options vary based on the lifecycle phase of the product. The guidelines on this page are not firm, and are subject to alteration based on factors beyond our control. The various phases are listed below, followed by the schedule.

Phase Descriptions:

Current signifies the current version series of the product. A current version series gets the highest priority for database and software updates. All levels of assisted support are offered.

Extended Phase
A version series enters Extended status on the day the next version series is introduced, or on the last date Cyberspace HQ sells licenses for this version series. As of January, 2002, Cyberspace HQ policy is that the extended period will last no less than 6 months after Cyberspace HQ's Free Upgrade cutoff date for the version series. The Free Upgrade cutoff date is the date in which if a customer purchases after a given date, they are entitled to a free upgrade to the next version series. Typically, this is 90 days before the release of the next version series. If there is no free upgrade cutoff date, the extended period will last for six months after the release date of the new version series, unless external factors make this impossible.

If you purchase a version of the product directly from Cyberspace HQ* while it is in the extended phase, and before the next major version is released, you will be entitled to a free upgrade to the next version when it has been released.

During the extended period, database updates are released at regular intervals. Software updates are provided as needed for bug fixes only. All levels of assisted support are offered.

Phase Out
As of January 2002, Cyberspace HQ policy is that the phase out period begins on the first day of the sixth month after the beginning of the Extended Phase, lasting until nine months after the beginning of this phase. Upon entering this phase, a final build will be released for the version series. Database updates will continue to be provided on a less frequent basis than the current version. During Phase out, only online technical support will be offered.

End of Life
At the end of the phase out period, the version series will be discontinued. Support may no longer be offered for the version series and database updates will cease.

These phases show the status of planned or pending releases. Future means it is either in the planning stages, or is currently in development. Alpha means it is near completion, awaiting beta testing status. Beta means it is currently being tested outside our company in a real world scenario.

AddWeb Planned Phase Chart:

Version Series Start Of Life Extended Phase Out End Of Life Status


11/07/1997 n/a 03/01/1998 03/01/1998 Discontinued
2.x 03/01/1998 n/a 03/01/1999 01/01/2000 Discontinued
3.x 03/11/1999 07/11/2000 10/06/2001 03/01/2002 Discontinued
4.x 10/06/2000 10/06/2001 04/01/2002 01/01/2003 Discontinued
5.x 01/06/2002 10/01/2002 04/01/2003 04/01/2004 Discontinued
6.x 01/03/2003 01/05/2004 07/05/2004 04/05/2005 Discontinued
7.x 04/05/2004 03/08/2005 09/08/2005 06/08/2006 Extended
8.0 06/08/2005 TBD TBD TBD Current
9.0 For AddWeb's 10th anniversary, AddWeb Website Promoter will be replaced by AddWeb Webmaster Studio for version 9.0, a completely re-written AddWeb. The new product is slated for a 2006 release, and extremely aggressive upgrade discounts will be offered to registered users of version 8.0. While the new name implies a new focus for the software, all core AddWeb features will be part of the new product.

* Free upgrade guarantees while a product is in the Extended phase may be limited to purchases directly from Cyberspace HQ. Product purchased from overstock liquidators, or through special phase out promotions may not be eligible for free upgrades.


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