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AccuTagger Features

AccuTagger is packed full of features that make the management of your meta data a snap. Whether you are managing a single website or a thousand, AccuTagger will save time and energy while making sure that your meta tags are correctly inserted and formatted.

Tons of Help!
To most people, META tags are foreign. For even more, only a few tags are known. AccuTagger includes comprehensive online tutorials, complete help, flyover hints and context sensitive help, so if you ever have a question about a particular section, place your mouse cursor there and hit F1 on your keyboard.
Profile Properties Section
The profile properties section of AccuTagger is an area for you to enter at-a-glance information that helps you identify the purpose and status of the profile. It includes a personal notes section, date fields that tell you when you first created the profile, and when you last edited, as well as a title for identification.

General Tags Section
AccuTagger was designed to be as easy to use as possible. Since most Meta Tags are never used, we grouped the more important ones in their own section. These include the common tags that search engines look for such as title, keywords and description, as well as some important identification tags such as copyright and language. We have included many features to make this as easy and automated as possible, including several ways to import data from external sources, as well as keyword and description management databases. We even added a spell checker so you can be assured there are no typos in your description.

Advanced Tags Section
AccuTagger supports the less common tags in the ddvanced tags section. These include 15 more meta tags. Furthermore, there is an 'Additional Tags' section that allows you to enter anything you like!

Save to Page Section
The Save Page area allows you to selectively choose files to edit, or select by directory. With a few simple clicks, you can even edit every page on your hard drive (we don't suggest you use the same tags for all of your pages). You will also see options for automated backup of edited files, spell checking before edit, convert META refresh (forward to another page) to JavaScript, and more.

Check Page Section
This section allows you to enter a web address or location of a web page on your hard drive in order to check the meta tags on the page. AccuTagger will look at the meta data on the page and give you tips outlining ways you can change the tags for more effective indexing by search engines.

Reports Section
AccuTagger features comprehensive reporting that can be generated to HTML, ASCII Text and even to e-mail. These reports outline all data included in an AccuTagger profile.

Compliments AddWeb
If you are already using our award-winning submission software, AddWeb, you will be glad to see that AccuTagger builds on AddWeb's page builder features. Your AddWeb profiles can be easily imported directly into AccuTagger, too.

How much time do you have?

Consider how many pages you have on your website for a moment, then consider the amount of time it takes to manually create META Tags on each page. How long would it take?

As an example, the Cyberspace HQ website has more than 1,000 web pages in all. If you were to spend just 1 minute per page editing META Tags, you would take more than 17 hours. Now imagine you want to change some of the content in those tags from time to time.

AccuTagger lets you simply make the change once and apply it across the board to ALL of your pages.

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